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Fighting in Shadows

Prequel Novella

For David, life in upstate New York only became bearable when Jessica and Nathan moved to town. After five years of friendship, the threesome is practically inseparable. When a startling discovery threatens to come between them, David’s refusal to abandon his friends could put his life at risk.

As David adjusts to a reality different from what he’s grown up believing, a crime ring determined to shield its racketeering scheme escalates the danger for everyone involved.

Will David and his friends be able to outwit the organization and keep their families safe?

Find out in Approaching Shadows, a Fighting in Shadows prequel novella.

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Book One

What if monsters really do exist?

When her sister, Sam, is attacked by strange animals, Kelly will do anything to uncover what is going on. What she discovers - drugs, smuggling, and the shadowy existence of shapeshifters, is enough to shake even the most rational person. Will she be able to help bring down the smugglers, or will she lose her sister forever?

Shades of Deception is the first book in the YA urban fantasy Fighting in Shadows series.

If you like snarly shifters, and quick-thinking heroines, and worlds where mystery hides just under the surface, you’ll love Piper Dow’s clean adventure stories!

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Book Two

All Sam wants is a normal life, but her fur keeps getting in the way.

Samantha survived an attack by shapeshifting coyotes that left her leg and life torn apart. As her body heals, she’s dismayed to become part of the Shadows — people hiding their monstrous secrets from their neighbors and friends.

A visit to a safe-house offers Sam the chance to learn to control her beast. When her friends' lives are at stake, Sam must face down her demons to come to the rescue. Can she learn to harness her new abilities, or will the monsters win after all?

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Book Three

Memories… Monsters… Haunted dreams…

Kelly’s world changed forever after the attack on her sister. She struggles to get past her fears and support her sister’s new identity as a shifter.

Emboldened by her developing friendships, she finally embraces her new reality — until she is abducted. Experimentation, genetic modification — her captors will stop at nothing in pursuit of their agenda.

Can Kelly manage an escape before she loses everything?

Do you like uncommon shifters, quick-thinking heroines, and magic that courses just under the surface of the familiar? Check out this series today.